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Full Prosperity Suite

Welcome to COB's Prosperity Suite of Savings - our savings and investments portfolio. At COB, we are passionate about your prosperity! Whatever your financial need, we are there for you! 

On opening your account with the COB Credit Union, you will receive two default accounts - Prosperity Shares and Prosperity Deposits.

Prosperity Shares

  • A Shares account guarantees your membership with the City of Bridgetown Co-operative Credit Union.
  • Having a Shares account allows you to vote and make decisions that influence the way the organisation progresses and develops.
  • Dividends are paid on your shares account as declared at the Annual General Meeting
  • $50.00 is held on the Shares account to maintain membership with the Credit Union

Prosperity Deposits

  • Interest is paid on your Deposits account on a quarterly basis

Please Note: Interest rates on products may change subject to market conditions.