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Personal Loans

At COB, we offer a number of Personal Loans which cater to specific life needs and purposes.

Below are the categories of loans on offer and the documentation required to make applications for these loans.


Letter of acceptance from the educational institution and statement of tuition fees/expenses.


Medical evidence inclusive of letters, invoices, etc. to support purpose of the loan, which indicate estimates of associated costs.


Proforma invoice or invoice from the place of business.

Debt Consolidation

Statement from various creditors which provide written confirmation of the amounts owed.

Weddings & Funerals

For weddings, letters or invoices from service providers outlining the expenses are required. With respect to loans to cover funeral expenses, the invoice from the funeral home is required.


Itinerary and quotation from travel agency/airline.

Loans within Savings (LWS)

Visit any of our offices with your National Identificard Card or any other valid form of identification and get the loan the same day! No appointments are required for this type of loan.